Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers, drawer dividers with coupon and a Yo-Yo maker tool.

Hi Everyone,

Since my "mojo" run out I had plenty of time to organize everything in my scrap-room and decided to have my "Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers" in these clear boxes that I love so much. The boxes are 12x12 from the company"Protect-N-Storage". The handy insert or dividers fits perfectly in your Protect and Store scrapbook cases, but is also great for desk drawers, any 12x12 drawer from Wal-mart or Target, cabinets, and more. Sturdy plastic has four extra-small, three small, two medium, and one large compartment. Great for storing all sorts of supplies.

I bought mine at Pat Catan's but now I found out that you can buy these amazing boxes and dividers at

The boxes are $3.47 each and the product ID is: 1203-66
The dividers are $2.17 each and the product ID is: 1203-66TRAY

And the best of all....a coupon...You can use this coupon from today to March 27th and save 25% of the whole purchase. Code: FRIEND2011

I also found this cool tool and knew I have to share with you. Is not new, but for me it is. I love the look of the yo-yo flowers and embellishments but I'm so bad with the sewing machine that I was forced to buy some pre-made yo-yo flowers on the store at $5.00

Two days after I bought my pre-made yo yo's I found this super cool and easy to use tool for the same price, so now I will make my own little flowers...and the best of don't need a sewing machine. :))

They have another two sizes, large and XL but they are too big for my cards so I decided to buy the extra small and the small. ($ 4.97 each)

LIM :)


Shana said...

I tried going to site for containers, but can't seem to figure it out. Love the storage idea.

Sassy Scrapper said...

Ooh I love these storage container you did a great job organizing your flowers! Thanks for the tip.
Hugs Bonnie

Heidi said...

This is so great my friend. Love your storages. And your flowers are so beautiful.
Hope you are having a great day my friend

Hugs and love
Heidi ♥

Just Jaime said...

Great storage! What a collection of flowers--they are beautiful!

Yesenia ( yesy) said...

Lim hace tiempito no pasaba por tu blog k belezaas has creado, no tengo mucho tiempo y cerre hasta mi blog por faltade tiempo y no poder actualizar , pero ya estoy de nuevo creando me ha facinado esas cajitas para guardar flores y mira k tengo muchas deja ver si aca consigo algo parecido.

Marion said...

That's a very good idea! I like it! Have a nice weekend! Hugs Marion

Unknown said...

The YoYo Embellishment tools… Do NOT bother with them. They are so complicated. By the time you can figure out how to use them (if you even can), you could have made 10 yoyo's. They go really fast.

Just sayin'