Sunday, April 13, 2008

Someone want a dessert?.

This is a bakery in Paris. We been there last year. Someone want a dessert?. Bon appetit!
I love Paris!.


Deb Wood said...

Mmmmmmm yummy!!

Heidi said...

I am going to paris in july and this photo make me happy :0) I cant wait.
You have so many beautiful cards in your blog - you are very talented!
Thank you for joining my blog - candy. I will now put your beautiful name in the box. Good Luck

Hugs from Heidi

Erin said...


what else is yum?

Images I got from you yesterday! Hurray and thank you! :)

ps, that elephant card a few posts back? It's the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life.

Elaine said...

Now that's NOT NICE! LOL They look delicious! Our neighbors were in France for a year...they're back now - but they brought creme de cassis to share with we're glad they're home! LOL

Stampin Cats said...

Yum!! Reminds me of my trip to Monte Carlo. When we stopped at the patisery(sp?) we came back to the villa with one of everything. And they taste as good as they look too.