Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To my friends...THANK YOU!!!

These days are so hard to me for so many reason, I think most of you already know. And I have to say that these days I learn a lot about life and about friendship.

When I started this blog (just 2 months ago) I never imagined that I could meet people so special and caring about others. I'm overwhelmed because all these new friends have given me so much love these days and all of them sent me beautiful emails, cards and even flowers!!! Do you believe that?? Yes, beautiful flowers!!

Because of all these things, I want to THANK EACH OF YOU because you make me so happy and show me how to get close to someone who is physically so far away. There are several people in this blog to whom I developped a sincere feeling of friendship (Marte, Renne, Dawn, Dana, Erin, Kristine, Nikki, Camilla, Sandra, Monique,... ), but among them there are two who are very, very special to me: Debbie and Hanne. Look what they send me yesterday.

My dear friend Debbie sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you can see it below. Deb, I wish you could have seen my face when I opened the door.... :))) You make me so happy.
And my dear friend Hanne, you really moved me with what you wrote in your amazing and beautiful card. Even the back of her card is gorgeous !!! THANK YOU !!!



Deb Wood said...

Ahilim, you mean so much to me and I can actually feel your pain through your e-mails, I just wanted to do something to put a smile on your face if for even a second!! I'm so glad you liked the flowers. I wanted to send you a card too, but my body just hasn't been up to it. The card from your friend Hanne is very beautiful and you are right inside and out. I'm so happy you have so many friends that care about you! Love and Hugs!!
I hope you start to feel better over the next couple of days, i can't wait to see some more of your beautiful creations with your new stamps!!!!

Monsalve said...

and me? always in the shadows and never give me thank. I am very sad

Monique said...

Hi Lim,
I'm glad to hear that you get so much pleasure and love out of your blog and of course your friends.I feel so honored to be able to call you my friend !!!
You've gotten some lovely surprises and I am glad to hear they made you feel better :)).
Hugs Monique

Hanne said...

My dear friend, thank YOU for being who you are! Just like Deb I wanted to put a smile in your face by making this "picture" representing you in the middle of all your blog friends.

I know there are quite a lot of hearts there, but that's how it is! You share and spread so much love around, Ahilim, and I am one of many many who loves you. And we are all very happy to know you :)

Erin said...

Hugs Lim.

Kristine said...

Oh darling Lim! You light up my day, my dear friend!

Renee said...

Lim I wish I could give you a real hug :) You are so sweet and wish nothing but happiness and less sadness for you :)

Huge Hugs

Dawn said...

I am so glad we have become friends and I hate to think of you feeling sad. You have so many well wishers and friends out there and I am thankful I am one of them. I so hope you feel stronger soon, you cheer me up so much when I receive your lovely E-mails.
Looking forward to seeing your new stamps all coloured and beautiful!!

Luv 'n' Stuff

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Oh what beautiful flowers from Deb and such a gorgeous card from Hanne too. I am so glad to have met you. Big Hugs, Nikki x