Monday, June 9, 2008

Another trip to Michael's...

I went to Michael's today AGAIN!! hahaha. That was so hard to do, right?.. hahaha
Well, I went to buy some stuff for my good friend Hanne and look what I found.....

The watercolor Paper blocks at $1.00 ( Dimentions are 9x12 and they have 10 sheets each block)

Also they have a great selection of ribbons at $1.00 Yes, you are reading right!! Just $1.00 each spool.. They have more than 100 styles to choose from.. It's hard just to pick a few of them, hahahaha.

The scissors are 2 x $1.00 ( They have also the scalloped scissor for the cards)

Well, I swear, this is NOT a commercial, but when I see something good like this I have to share it with my friends. So, if you can, hurry and go to Michael's because this special is just this week.
Good luck!!!.


Hanne said...

Oh, my goodness, isn't this a LITTLE bit more than I asked for??!!! You crazy maniac *hahaha* I love you! Hurry to the post office *haha* I will be counting days until this package arrives - won't take more than a week *clap clap clap* JU-HUUU!!!

Hugs & love - tons of it :)))

Lauri said...

I went to Michael's yesterday after I read your post! They did not have everything you showed here...but were restocking their shelves so I am going back today! Thanks for letting us know!!

Julia Aston said...

Boy, you are like an add - your lovely pictures certainly entice me to drop over to Michaels! I saw their add but was resisting running there!

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Wow, Lim... I love all your wonderful Michael goodies you lucky girl. Only another 486 daysbefore I get there again! Not that i'm counting or anything :-)) Hugs, Nikki x

Shary said...

Wow you found some wonderful bargains!!! I'm from UK but living in Germany because DH is in the forces. Germany doesn't seem to be big on cardmaking or stamping so I have to buy everything over the net. I miss buying things that I can see and feel :0)
I wish they had a Micheal's here!!

Deb Wood said...

Are you sure Michael's doesn't pay you to torment me??? You've got me wanting to go there for these flowers sooooooooo baaad and ours probably doesn't even have them. You're going to get me in trouble!! Maybe I'll try whining and see if it works with Jim like it does with Oscar!!! hahahahaha! Love and Great Big Hugs to you both!

Yesenia ( yesy) said...

lim que estupendas compras me encanto todo

Heidi said...

Oh my .....Im turning green again. You lucky lucky girl. Why do I live in Norway?????????
Why dont we have a shop like that here?

Hugs from

Monique said...

I wish we had such a shop here :))). Those ribbons and flowers are beautifull !!!

Hugs Monique

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

gosh ahlim.. i went today to the 4. michales location.
mine do not have these prima flowers.
do you go again to michaels??? how many coupons does your accept in one transaction???
oh wait stopp. .i think i should ask you .. would you please maybe get me some?????