Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's time for a Candy Blog!!!

This Candy Blog is already closed. Thank you so much for participating and I will organized another Candy on November to celebrate my Birthday.
Thank you!!!

This post will be on the top until October 11th. Please check my other post below. Thanks!

Well, I wanted to do this Candy loooong time ago. I'm sorry, but during last months my life became so hectic than I was unable to do it... But now I'm ready.

If you wish to participate, please leave me a comment and include a post in your own blog to let everybody know about this Candy. Also It would be great if you could let me know about your favorite stamp storage solutions (but this last think is not obligatory to participate). I have tons of Magnolia stamps and I'm having a problem with the storage because I want to get everything in the same place, what seems nearly impossible... I use empty Cd cases that I love because they fit pretty well inside my drawers, but I get in trouble with large stamps like tree, houses, etc.. So, I have those in EZ-mount storage sheets , which I love but I'm afraid to have all my mini Magnolia stamps in there and maybe lose one.. ( I can't take that risk, hahahaha).

Anyways, it would be nice if you could provide me with ideas about the storage solution for a big collection of Magnolia stamps. :))

I will pick 1 winner on Saturday October 11th, 2008 at 8:00 PM (US Eastern Time).

The prize will be:
1- The new scalloped border punch from Martha Stewart Collection
2-150 stamped images of different companies like Magnolia, HÄnglars, Whipper Snapper, Penny Black, Precious Moments, etc...

3- Some buttons, white lace and a few charms.

Good Luck!!!




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Tammi said...

Lim this is wonderful!! What fabulous candy!

This probably won't work for you, because you have so many. I only have around 25 Magnolias, so I use a clear round cover from a set of 50 blank cds. I put each Tilda, etc in a small ziplock bag and stick them in the container, they fit perfectly and are easy to get to. A little different, but works for me. I do my Bella's, Pandora stamps, etc like that too. Have a nice day! xx

Bastelsternchen said...

such a huge candy - too bad I don´t have a blog myself but maybe I am still lucky to win ?

Tricia T said...

What wonderful candy! How fun! I've put the info on my blog and added you to my Google Reader. About the Magnolia collection, I'm afraid I only have 4 or 5 right now and they're little enough to stay in CD cases. Let us know what you come up with!!

Kristine said...

Hi Lim!
Wow what a fabulous blog candy you're offering!
I have posted about it on my blog.
For storage advises:
For my unmounted rubberstamps I use black stamp storage folders. I hav eloads of them and I store the folders in my shelf.
You can find them here:

Hope you will find a useful way to store your stamps!

Have a nice day sweetie!
Besitos de Kristine

Rosella said...

I have to have this blog candy. I desperately need it. I love it. I guess I made my point LOL!
I'm sorry I can't really offer any advice in stamp storage. Most of my stamps are rubber mounted. I only have a few unmounted and I have those in a little binder. It's still very easy for me to find them.

Ida / Little said...

Hi, I love your coloring! Great candy you're offering as well. The magnolias can be stored in a empty cd case, you can stamp a front page that shows which stampes/theme are/is stored in which case! Works great for me :) Link and posted to you on my blog. Have a nice night.


Michelle said...

HI Lim ~~ great candy!! I wll post on my blog as soon as I update!!! I have the same problem with all my High Hopes ~~ naked rubber, & some of the imagesa are bigger. I was going to buy DVD cases (like the CD cases but bigger) but my budget wouldn't allow for it. Right now they are separated by set into baggies, & eventually I will stamp all images in each baggie on a piece of cardstock, & stick that in the front ~~ kind of like an index. The only problem is finding the time to do that!

Trina said...

Hi Lim!! I think your blog candy is wonderful! Love all those images, I didn't know that precious moments even made stamps! I use those easy mount sheets in a binder. There is a system that I think is great, but it is fairly expensive. Here’s the link to the storage solutions.

Heidi said...

Lim- you have a wonderful blog and what lovely blog candy you have.

Deb Wood said...

Ooooh wonderful candy Lim!! I hope you pick me, I'm going to put a link on my blog now!! You are always soooo generous. I'm going to post some blog candy on Friday!! I am waaaaaaaaay behind in doing it!! Hugs, Deb

P.S. I put mine in zippered binders on the plastic sheets made for the ez mount.

Elaine said...

Hi Lim,
I love your coloring and your cards! I have been using office supply boxes from the local craft store and filing my images with indexes. It makes it easier to find them and keeps 'em neat. If you have a bigger box then you can store the bigger stamps in there. The back of my box has a hinged lid so I never lose the top amongst my stamping mess~ I don't have any Magnolia stamps I'd love to win and get some images! :)

Ila said...

Wow Lim!! this is Awesome candy!! I posted your candy on the sidebar of my blog.
I don't have any really good tips for storing stamps really...I am going to be watching the answers you recieve. At the moment...I stamp the the image on copy paper and place it in a small ziplock bag. The sentiments I place in a CD case....TFS!!..Hugs, Ila

Karen said...

Great candy and good question! I have been reading what others have written about storage. I don't have any magnolias but do need to find some storage solution for the unmounted stamps I have.
I have linked your candy on my blog with fingers crossed.

Mette said...

What a wonderful person are you to offer this candy. All our favorite images .... super.

I currently don't have that many stamps (new to stamping) and they are stored in small bags in a box. Will have to check your blog to see if you get a super idea.

Hugs, Mette (UK)

~Chris~ said...

What beautiful Candy...
I also put my Cling Mounted and Clear Stamps into CD Cases. I don't have any Magnolias yet though :(
Thanks for sharing your Talents with everyone.
I posted about your Candy on my Blog..

Bunny B said...

Great candy! Woohoo! Thank you for the chance to win. I've linked!

As for storage space, I don't have so many stamps, so I just place them in blank cd cases and store them in ziplock bags on my shelf. Thanks! :)

jules said...

My solution for the bigger stamps is this: old video cassette holders. You know the VHS ones. I found a ton of them being thrown away at a video rental store. I asked if I could have them. They said sure. And they even call me when they are getting rid of more.
Label the outside. And it looks so organized on my shelves.

ribenaruby said...

Wonderful candy! As for storage i am with old CD cases for easy storage and away from pens and markers. Link and post is on my blog. Enjoy your day.

Dawn said...

Wow Lim - amazing blog candy!
Hope life is settling down a bit for you, I have taken the plunge and will be leaving work end of this month!!


E-mail you soon!

Leslie said...

Lim, wow! What a great blog and wonderful Blog Candy. I do have your site linked to my page now. As for your stamp collection, I use small binder, but you can also use 8.5"x11" binders, then I found these great page storage panels to put in the binders, they are called Stamp N' Stor. I found it on, hope this helps,

TinaJewel said...

I would suggest going to an office supply store or WalMart and getting one of those plastic dresser like things with clear see through drawers. Then putting the larger stamps in them. You could stamp what is in each drawer and tape to the insde of drawer front so you could see at a glance what is in which!like this

I linked to your blog on mine here

Lisa said...

I only have 1 word.... WOW... that's awesome. thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my blog as well...

TinaJewel said...

I have been trying to subscribe to your blog and it isn't working! Would love if I could...not sure if it is on your end or mine?

I love all of your beautiful crafts and wonderful ideas!

Anki said...

Hej Sweetie! What a wonderful candy you are offering. I guess you have been really busy stamping all those images. Wow! As for a storage solution - well I do not have one. Would need one myself. Kramisar and of course you will find a posting of your candy on my blog. It will be on the side so that it does not disappear from all the blog posting. The favorite stamp - well I guess that would be any that I do not yet have...hihi. Anki

Casie said...

I don't have a personal blog so I can't link to you, although if I did you sure would! For storage I am currently using the CD case method. I run into the problem of them not being big enough once in awhile too. My other suggestion would be to use overhead transparency sheets and page protectors in a 3-ring binder.

Pauline C said...

Hi there and thanks so much for this candy offer. I don't own any Tildas and very few non-mounted stamps ... those I do are thrown in their wrappers into my stamp box along with everything else (aargggh!) I ahve linked you to my blog here
Pauline x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim! Thanks for a chance to win this gorgeous blog candy! Unfortunately I have no edvice, because I don't have so many stamps. Here's the link on my blog.
Have a great day

Maya said...

WOW!! This candy is wonderful,Lim!!
I sooo want that punch ;)
*cross fingers*

I have almost all my unmounted stamps in folders,but my hänglar stamps i have on small laminated papers and then in envelopes :)
Then they want get dusty or enything ;)

Have a wonderful day,
huge hugs from Maya :)

Kathy said...

Fab candy Lim!!! I am reading all your responses to see how everyone stores them as I am just collecting them and can't help you out!!!
What great candy and the winner will be very lucky and happy!!!

Annelies said...

Great candy! Here's my link . I can't give you any storage tips as my Magnolia collection is very limited. I think I have about 5 stamps, so no storage problems (yet).
Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Sena said...

I'd love to win! Thanks!!


Renata van Miltenburg said...

Hi Lim,

I storage my stamps in an ordner, I take an coloured cardstock and stamp the image. Than I seal this in (in Dutch it is 'lamineren', I can't find the word in English). I stick the stamps on it and put it al together in a transparent folder which I put in the ordner.

Thanks for the change to win your great blogcandy! Have you seen mine?

XOXO Renata

Alice said...

Hi Lim! It's Alice from Italy. I would like to take partin your fabulous blog candy! I link it in my blog: Really hope to win!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you for all the inspiration you give!
Hugs Anna

angeljakki said...

What great candy. I would love to put in the draw for it please. Here is the link to the post on my blog.

angeljakki said...

Sorry forgot to post how I store my stamps. I have atc holders which are A4 sheets with 9 pockets on. Most of the stamps fit in the pockets. The bigger ones I just slit the bit between two pockets to make it into one big one and then I put them in a 4 ring binder, so that they are held safely. Its a great way of storing them.

Monique said...

That's a lovely candy Lim. Wow. So sweet of you :)).
I've put a link on my blog.

About storage. I have my magnolia stamps in a binder. I've stamped each stamp on the front of my paper and then laminated the paper. I store the stamps on the back. It works very well for me.

Hugs Monique

Brocéliane said...

wow wow wow Lim

Your blog candy is fabulous, I would love to win it really:)

Here is the link

Have a nice day :)


Jilly said...

Lim this is such fantastic candy.
I put my clear stamps on A4 acetate and then put them in clear pockets and file them in ring binders that can easily be stored on shelves. I also stamp the images on paper and put them in the pockets too so that i know where to put my stamps back too and also makes it easier to find the stamp i want. This would be no problem for your bigger stamps.
Hope this helps

I will put a link to your candy on my blog

Nixe-Moni said...

Wow Lim, what a fabulous candy :) I posted your great candy on my blog here.
I storage my stamps in CD boxes ... sorry I really don´t have other good ideas ...
Big Hugs

Lena Katrine said...

Wow, what a great candy! I would really like to win this - this punch is on my wishlist!

Have a great weekend! And good luck with storing your magnoliastamps - my advice is alredy mentioned...

V Colbourne said...

Wowzers- great blog candy- lovin' your blog.

I wish I had enough stamps to have to worry about organizing But being a college student, it's hard to spend money on those things. However, the few stamps I do have I keep in a nifty gift box my friend gave me with my bday gift in

Feel free dropping by my blog anytime :)

Jeanette said...

Lim, I am so happy to discover your blog. It is amazing and so is your candy! I placed a link here.
As for storage, I also use clear CD cases but my Magnolia collecion has started to get big so I have started putting them in metal DVD cases. You can get quite a few in one case as it is thicker and you can put stamps on each side. I fit all my Fall Kit stamps in one case! Hugs Jeanette

Godchick said...

Fun blog candy...and a ton of images! I posted about it on my blog,

I just transferred all of my stamps *actually I'm still in the process of doing this* to plastic drawers. I took all of my SU sets and sorted them by categories. So ALL of my stamps can live in harmony together and I can find all of a particular stamp when I'm looking for, say a tree image. Using the drawers also makes it easy to store my wood mounted, unmounted and clear stamps all in one spot. HTH

Marilyn said...

What fabulous blog candy, and big, too!! I'm still trying to figure out my stamp storage, too, so I will be looking in on all the suggestions that you get. You never know when you might see just the suggestion you need!

Andrea said...

Hi Lim, this is a fantastic candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I post it on my blog.
I have many DVD cases to storage my stamps.
Hugs, Andrea

Zarah said...

CD-cases are bad for the ez-mount, so it's good that you've given up that. *smiles*
I have mine in a binder. I laminate sheets of paper (stamp the images on it if you like - easy to keep track on what's not here then) and punch holes and then just smack the stamps onto it and put them all into the binder.

You'll need more binders, but the glory of it is that they are cheap and it's definitely the best way I've tried so far. :D

Blogging this! :D

maxine said...

Hi Lim Lovely blog candy. I have left a link on my blog. Sorry no help with the storage, I only have a few stamps and they are in a clear box that i got at a show.

Marte said...

Sweetheart! :)

Thank you so much for the chance to win this generous candy! I love all the images, and of course the border punch is awsome!! :)

For the storage soultion.. Here in Norway it's popular to decorate your house in a style called "shabby chic". Don't know if you've heard of it? Here is the link for a website you could look at.

I found it nice to find a storage solution where I could align both storage for my rubber stamps in a shabby chic style. Of course, this is just an idea I have until my crafting room is done, but I think it's a brilliant one ;)

All my Magnolias would be up on a old window. The stick nicely to the glass, and it's a lot of space for them.
The solution is not the most practical, but it sure would be nice to look at, and quite a bit decorative with the old window standing on my nice, little chest of drawers.

Hugs, Marte

mueppi said...

Wow.... was für ein tolles Blog Candy!
Danke für die Chance auf den Gewinn!
Hier ist der Link
Liebe Grüße

Jenny said...

I have my stamps in A4 binders, I've stamped the images and the laminated the pages so everything has it's own place.

craft mad Jenny said...

great blog candy, will link you on my blog,

Mel said...

What fab candy. I would love to put in the draw for it please.
Off to post a link now:)

lalalla said...

I put likn on my blog here

yummy candy!

Emily said...

This is great! I have posted on my blog

I keep my magnolias in small plastic bags inside a lunch tin :)

carine said...

wow !!wow!!what a your blog and yor cards to.i posted a link on my blog

Scrappelise said...

OMG, what a lovely blog-candy, and I will run, very,very fast back to my own place and make a link over here! And then people can see the rest of your lovely creations too! :)

Lene said...

Oooohhh! Drooling! Love all those images and that punch! Man!

Rosette said...

wow Lim... this is fab! Oh how I wish to be lucky... all these things I don't find on our small island, so if I am lucky I would feel like I found a treasure!! :)
Sorry don't have any solutions to give for your huge amount, but if I think of something I will come back and tell you. Off to link you now.. I'd die if I lost this chance!! ;0)

Gill said...

wow Lim, awesome candy, that punch is fab and who wouldn't want all those images in there collection, you are soooo sweet, thanks for a chance to win
hope you are well, the pictures on the beach look amazing
lv Gill x

Papirolina said...

awww, gorgeous blog and sweet candy :))) thanks for the chance to win it :)

i left a link to your candy on my blog, on my candy list on the right side.

i'm sorry, i can't offer you any solution. i use empty CDs, because i don't have so many stamps.


Desirée said...

What a great blog candy! LOve the punch!
I use the same storage solution as you, I have some in cd`s and some on ez sheets. It works for me, I have the stamps I use most in CD covers right in front of me and the others in binders right above me.
Have a nice day!

Angella said...

Hola Lim!
What a wounderful Blog Candy. I have posted about it on my blog.
"Eres una maravilla con tus tarjetas..."


Kristin said...

Oh my, I really love this blog candy! :D

I'm also looking for a good way of storing my stamps. At the moment they're all placed in a box. A huge mess! ;)

Daniel August said...

What a great blog candy...

Now I've written about your blog candy on my blog.. ;P


Githe said...

Great blogcandy, I love that borderpunch!!

Here is what I did with my Magnolia Stamps


Else Slipsager Petersen said...

What a great blog candy. Hoping for some luck.

I also have problems finding a way to store my stamps so I have to pay attention to your comments in this

Marthee said...

WOW! I just love this blogcandy:D i'll cross my fingers!! Hugs from Marthe in Norway

Paula's ponderings said...

Hey lim

I just LOVE your blog and the piccies of Miami beach are brilliant. I have linked you over at my blog home so feel free to drop by :)

Paula X

PS Candy is fab too! Thank you! X

Anne said...

Oh thank you for the chance to win such wonderful candy, please count me in! x

Bernd said...

you have a nice blog ant the candy you will give away si only WOW .
i wish you the best , best regards from austria , bernd

lisa808 said...

I'm not one to ask for storage advice. You would have a heart attack if you saw my craft room!

Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy--I love Martha's punches!

I posted a link on my blog. You can find it here:

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Hi Lim! Great candy you´re giving away. I left a link on my blog, you can see it here:

I can´t help you with advice about storing stamps since I don´t have that many and those that I have, are everywhere, I´m not much of a tidy person.

x Natasha x

Heather said...

Hi Lim!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful blog candy!!!!!

I don't have a lot of stamps so I store them in little containers by theme, with the larger ones sorted on shelves below that. If I get more I will have to come up with a different system.

Have a great day!!!! I'm off to post a comment about your blog candy on my blog :)


taja.85 said...

Wow, sweet candy :)

You can find link of your blog here:

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, Lim, wonderful blog candy. I linked you on my Blog......

I storage my Stamps in CD Cases....

Thanks for the chance to win....


aniceandcinnamon said...

have a nice time

Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow - thanks for the go at the candy. I haven't sorted out my storage, att he mo I have things in boxes - just reading through all the comments to get ideas :)

Here is my link


NGCARDS said...

hey hun thank you for doing this candy its really nice of you, I have done as you requested and I also uploaded a post today on my stamp storage so Ive popped it under that, good timing! hehe
Happy Crafting!

Ali said...

Hi Lim,
Thank you very much for the chance to win this fantastic candy! I have none of these stamps so would love to win these images!
I have put a link on my blog Here

I don't have a lot of unmounted stamps yet so can't really help with your storage problems sorry!

Take care

Anonymous said...

oh I wish I had a great idea on storeing stamps.. but I am still searching.. I posted about your fun give away.. and I hope I get picked!!

Sharon in NE said...

There are so many wonderful ideas out there. My idea is old because I "dismounted" my stamps YEARS ago. We're talking when VHS tape containers were available. I got mine very cheap on EBAY from a movie rental place who was getting rid of them. They hold more and the larger stamps. I have photocopied most of the stamps which are inside and have slid that paper inside between the plastic protective sleeve and the tape case plus I have written on the bind what is inside. I also cross reference them by making a second photocopy of the contents and storing it in a notebook along with copies of all other stamps including those I store in CD cases, etc.
Thanks for offering this sweet candy!

Patricia said...

Hi Lim,

Great candy! Hmjumm.. ;) I also linked your page.

I storage my stamps on a acryl page in an plastic looking envelope A4 with rings on the site so I can put it in a map. Great idea (I hope you understand because my English is not so well ;))

With love,

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I don't have any solution about storage because I'm a newbie (2 months approx.) and don't have much YET. Winning some Blog Candy would be really nice! I love checking your blog for new ideas!

Charlie said...

OMG this is such good candy - I would FAINT if I won that. THank you soo much for offering such a lovely prize.

I have some Magnolia and Hänglar stamps and I have stamped a print on white paper and laminated that and cut it into cards which fit into storage boxes. That way I can flip through them easily - take some along to a crop in an empty box and see which ones I have brought as the empty laminated card is waiting on the table for the stamp to return IYKWIM.

Hope that makes sense - it is really not as complicated as I managed to make it sound. =0)

Debra Pate said...

OMG!!!! Don't get me wrong, all of the blog candy you are givinf away is awesome, but I would LOVE to win to get the 150 stamped images!!! That is so awesome.

I wish I could give you some advice on the stamp storage, but I have no clue because I don't have any magnolia stamps.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the blog candy.

You can see my blog here

Angel Hugs, Debra

Tracey said...

Hi Lim, I don't have any stamp storage solutions unfortunately but I could really do with some lol :o)
so will read the comments with interest.

I've linked you to my blog (on the right hand side).


Cazzy said...

Hi Lim, thanks for offering candy.

I have various stamp storage solutions, one for your precious Magnolias might be the slim Tuff boxes if you can get them over there. The EZ Mount will cling to the sides of the boxes, and you can shut them safely in so you don't lose them and number them to catalogue your collection. I hope this helps.

artfulstampin said...

Gorgeous candy! Howabout a huge plexi glass sheet attached to your wall, and just pop all your stamps on there so it's easy to pick one when you need it! Thanks for sharing!

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

What a grat candy! I'd like to join ^_^
I've not so much stamps, so now I have them in a wood box... When I'll have more I'll let you know ^_^

I'll post a link to you in my "blog candy" page on


Peg Frushour said...

Sounds like great blog candy! Sure hope I win!!

Stephanie said...

your candy is awesome, when you find a good storage solution please let me know... I will post about your candy on my blog.

Kamaftut said...

Great candy! Woohoo! Thank you for the chance to win.

Best regards


А@A said...

Hello Lim.
Sounds like great blog candy!
Can I participate?
My blog is But it is in Russian

CraftyC said...

Hi Lim, Great candy on offer. I now store my Magnolia's in a large ring binder (or 2) on laminate sheets. Have added your link to my blog,!!

Jodi said...

Hi Lim! I am a friend of Summer's, she has an online store called Roses on Paper! We are co-workers, but friends too! =) she told me to try for the blog candy. I love your cards and coloring! Come visit me on my blog and drop me a line. Any tips for copics would be appreciated. Have a great day! =)

Nancy L. said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Awesome candy!!! I love to see what you come up with!

PuntoCroce said...

Hi, I'm from Italy! Your blog is wonderful, also your candy.
I have link to your post in my blog

maria rosa

Crafting Diva said...

Wow wow what a great candy I love stamped images and what a great selection you are so kindly giving away. I ahve put a link on the side of my blog and thank you for the chance to win.

Stampin'Piper said...

Great Candy! I love these Precious Moments images!

I'll tell at my Blog!

Thanks for the Chance to win, Hugs Tanja

Inge Groot said...

Hi Lim,

thanks for all the sweet comments you leave on mu blog:o)))

And wow what great candy you are offering, thanks for sharing!

Inge xx

flatis stempelwelt said...

Lim this is wonderful!! What fabulous candy...
Hugs, Sonja xxx

Becky Garrison said...

What a wonderful prize! I'll definitely tell others about this on my blog! Thanks, Becky G.

Marcea said...

Hi Lim, what wonderful candy you are offering - would love to get my hands on all those images. I have put a link on the RHS of my blog. As for storage, I offer a more permanent solution, I will kindly store them all for you ... in my craft room, hehehe. Take care sweetie

Wendy Swenne said...

What great! Some awesome blog candy!
Would love to take care of that ;)

For stamp storage I use empty cd cases, but also some kind of see through envelopes with holes in it. And made covers for that to hold. I can't easily explain, but If you want a photo of it, just email me.

Nanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nanda said...

Ilooked at your blog and you make lovely cards! I like your collouring.

It is a great candy! I don't have a blog but I hope I can participate with the candy.

For storage I don't have an idea. You have so many stamps, I have just a few. The way I storage I can tell you, maybe you can use the idea. I have a little basket (from plastic) and lay the stamps on there side next to each other. I don't know if it is good for the stamps but with the few I have it is no problem. I hope you will find a solution.

greetings, Nanda

Jonna said...

Fabulous blog candy! Link for my post:

About storage problem... I'm not sure if photoalbum would be good for that? That kind of where is own "pocket" for two picture... Or then album with "pockets" for different cards that boys use to collect...?

Unknown said...

Hi Lim

You have alovely blog and i am very happy to put your link on my blog and have a chance to win your fabulous candy lol. Im really sorry cant help with storage problems as i dont own many stamps as yet so havent come across this problem, but im sure it wont be long before i am also searching for storage ieas lol.

Have a great day

Line said...

Hi Lim, I just discovered your blog candy and this is just fabulous!! You are so generous!
I'm really happy today;)
I don't have a good idea for storage, mine is just a mess so if you get any good ideas please share. I have mine in a big box from Ikea.. *lol*
I wish you a wonderful day!
Big hug from me!

Lauren said...

Great Candy, I have added a link to your blog on my sidebar.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Lauren xx

Pamk said...

please enter me in this contest. I blogged about your contest on mine. not sure about stamps. I don't stamp but they have these hanging things for punches that could probably work quite well for stamps too.

Tani-Art said...

ooooo beautiful blog and nice candyblog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck at all

Tania from italy

Scott Franson Photography said...

Wonderful blog ! I've linked to you.
I also use CD's for storage and the large pretty stamps on wood I leave out to kind of "decorate" with. The large acrylic ones haven't been a problem for me to fit into the CD cases but if I had one that didn't fit I'd use something like a zippered binder of some sort.

Pejtoon said...

OMG .. this look so great, I love this magnolia stamps!

So there is my blog with note about your Candy :D
Please pick me :D

And for me all of this stamps are fantastic :) One of the worst thing aboyt it is that it is hard to buy and found it in Poland :)
But I love them :D

Anonymous said...

Such nice Candy. I have so few stamps that storage isn't a problem for me yet. Would love to win this. So glad I found your blog!

Kim Costello said...

I would love the chance to win your blog candy and have posted about it on my blog, My favourite most useful stamp storage I use dividers with reference pages between each stamp set! There is a little picture on my blog too!
Thank you Kim x

Kelly Schelske said...

Hi Lim, fabulous blog candy!! I have placed a link on my blog and don't know how to directly link to here, but it is posted here:

I store all of my Magnolia, high Hopes, Whiff Of Joy and any other unmounteds on the storage panels from Sunday International adn then in binders...hope that works really great for me:-) Hugs, Kelly

Marika said...

I hope to win because I really love this candy!
I've written about your giveaway on my own blog.
Marika - ITALY -

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Thanks for the chance to win your yummy candy Lim. I'm feeling lucky as your candy ends on my birthday, Hope your having a great weekend. It's getting quite cold here and am very tempted to put the heating on.. Oh to be in Florida! Big Hugs, Nikki x

Claire said...

hmmmmmmmmmm I still store some of my unmounted in cropper hopper binder zips, and I have some in CD cases. I did look at what Kristine had to say about ( 4th one from the top)

and all I could say was Fabulous. I think I have to get some for myself now :). Great idea for asking this. Now I will have to take some ideas with me from this. :)

Thank you

Jill said...

HI Lim, gorgeous candy, thanks for the chance to win, I keep my unmounted stamps in plastic tubs, I have a different tub for each make of stamp, hope this helps Jill x

Benedicte said...

Hi Lim.
You have a beautiful blog.

Have a nice day.
Benedicte, Norway

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Fantastic candy Lim and a great blog too. I need to think about a storage solution for the stamps that I have too as I currently house them altogether in a box which gets a bit messy as you can imagine! Hugs, Lainy xx

nicky said...

OH Lim i love the Martha Stewart punches! (LOL)

I leave your link on my blog!

And now i hope too win! (LOL)
xx nicky

CJ said...

That blog candy looks great! Hmmm... storage solutions.... I think you are way ahead of me on that one.... CD cases and the EZ mount are great ideas. Sorry I can't help more, but keep up the great work, I enjoy your creations!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I hope I win, I just love the H&S stamps, but unable to purchase these yet, wish there was a way to get at least the images. I don't have a good storage system. Mine are in boxes right now. Thanks for the chance to win. Krista P

Stitchinwitch said...

That is so sweet of you. I linked on my blog and I look forward to seeing storage solutions too as I doubt my putting them all in a big drawer is particularly good

Jacqueline TresBella said...

What great candy! I really need some of those images, I'd love to win! I store my stamps in a black legal file cabinet. Most are SU so they are in plastic boxes. I store my inkpads in decorative picture boxes, and my ribbons and embellishments in decorative hatboxes or decorative luggage boxes.
I linked you here:


cocoetnono said...

You make really gorgeous cards and your blog candy is fabulous!!
Hugs, Christelle.

Unknown said...

Wow your candy is to die for!!!
Link going on my blog NOW!!
I store my unmounted stamps in ring binders. I laminate a sheet of card, punch holes in the appropriate place, then just put my stamps onto the laminated card. They stick just as well as the commercial sheets at little or no cost and you can fit TONS of stamps in one binder.
(It's a great way to transport them too)! ;0)
Viv xx

Suzie Q said...

Hi ilove your cards, unfortunately no blog myself but i stalk many
Good luck to the winner of your fab candy

Ania - "Z Papieru Tworzone" said...

Mniam, great candy! I hope I win! Beautiful blog! This is link to my post

Stacey said...

Ooh, what I'd do to get my inky hands on that punch...!

As for your stamps, like you, I use CD cases but if you find somethings are too big, you could try a DVD case instead. ~x~

Ros said...

wow!! how many beautiful things!!I am new to stamps so I still don't know how to keep them! sorry!

Trinity's Designs and Photography said...

Wow, great candy. My blod is fairly new but hopefully it still lets me qualify.

Tilte said...

Oh such a lovely candy ... a real treat ...

I'm quite new into stamping, and card-making, and only own a few stamps myself, so I am afraid I don't have any good advice on storage ... yet ;o)

Best, Lene

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Most all of my stamps are wood mounted so this may not work for you, but I keep my stamps in a drawer system organized by category. Like one drawer for flowers, one for sentiments, etc. Then I have a 3 ring binder that I have stamped all the images, again by category. This way, when I am looking for say, a graphic flower, I can look in my index and see what I have at a quick glance and know just what drawer to look in to find it.

Thanks for the opportunity to win your blog candy.

Unknown said...

How lovely of you to be sharing some blog candy :) I left a link to your blog on mine, here :

As for stamp storage... I have some A4 sized plastic document holders. They are a little like giant dvd cases, but are completely flat inside and they have little sliding clips on the outside to keep them closed. I store many of my stamps in those. If I can manage it, I store several layers of stamps with each layer stuck to a transperancy and a piece of paper between each layer. If you'd like a photo to see exactly what I mean, let me know :)


Cindy, Australia

Happy Crafter said...

Wonderful candy Lim and such a lovely blog you have too i love all the cards. Thanks for a chance with the candy :)
Val xxx

gila said...

Hal Lim,

ei klasse Candy verlost Du, und dein Blog ist super.
Lg gila

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog but definitely not my last. Never have I wanted to win a blog candy as much as I would like to win this one. The thought of having all of those images at my disposal is downright exciting. As for storage, I'm sure I don't have as many stamps as you but I keep them in the plastic they come in and then I store them all in a black zip storage carrier made by Creative Memories. It's the perfect size for me and I can just flip through them. Of course very soon I will need a second one! I am off to add you to both of my blog's right now and
Thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome blog candy!!!

MichelleO said...

OH my girlfriend!!! this is a FANTASTIC Blog candy! I am off now to post it to my blog!!

Heidi said...

Hello Lim

Wow what a great candy you have.
I also have my stamps in CD covers and cant help you. But I will read all your answers and hope for some good ideas.

Big hugs from

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim,
Put your candy on my blog and also a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!
Can't wait to work toghether on the team :)

For the bigger stamps I use DVD cases instead of CD ones.. and they work a treat for me :)

Marlene xx

Cheryl Hirzel said...

What a cute blog you have here! I'd be glad to leave a link on my site! I'd be thrilled to get my hands on all those images too!

When I cannot fit my unmounteds in a CD case, I use my clam cases (what SU stamps come in) and attach my stamps to dry-erase cards (for kids to practice math, writing, etc) It adhere's well and they can stack in the case.

Otherwise, how about using one of those 3 ring binders that zip shut all around? Would they fit in the photo pockets in a photo album? Some pages only have 4 pockets and they're quite large.

camilla said...

Im a beginner in this candy blogging...but its fun and found your candy on my sisters blog ;)

I have no such stamps and have never used eny...but maby now I will.

Im lokking forward too halloween and like your card very much ;)

Have a nice day and halloween

Sanisi said...

Great blog candy.

I've put all of my unmounted stamps into a A5 binder; it's the perfect size for most stamp sets. (I'm a set sort of person.) You can see pictures of it on my blog here. I use the A5 clear page protectors, so if any of the tiny stamps come unstuck they won't get lost. :) Let me know what you think, if you have time.

Martine said...

hi lim, great candy :), like you i store my magnolias in cd cases but then i put them into a cd stand so they are all at reach plus i name the spine's so i can see what's in each case, it has been really handy for me, i dont actually have any stamps big enough to need other storage solutions but what about dvd cases, would they not work the same sort of way?



Maja said...

Hi! I use A4 vellum and store all of them in a folder.

giulyana said...

Fantastik the stamps :)

by giulyana (Italy).

clare said...

omg....what a fab blog candy your giving away..and what lovely cards you make.ive not got any magnolia stamps just yet as ive only just started out,so to win this would just be heaven.
thanks clarexx

Vee said...

Hi Lim I'm new to your blog and I've just bookmarked it. I Love your cards and your blog is really great. Fab candy too would love to win this. As for storage of my stamps I use cd cases woth a stamped image inside, but have thought about puting them into ring binders on accetate. Thanks for the chance to win.Have put apost on my blog too. x Vee

maminat said...

Wonderful candy, i've to try!!!! I've posted it on my blog.
Have a wonderful day,

Evelina Wikberg said...

OMG...that blog candy looks delish! Count me in, I'd love to win these treats. AND congrats to making the DT team. Good luck!Of for the storage of your stamps, have you got a local hardware store? I got a brilliant plastic storage box with little thin drawers that I store my stamps in. And it was only £8, about $5 I think..I always go to the hardware store, they have the most amazing stuff! Have a good week.

Evelina Wikberg said...

OMG...that blog candy looks delish! Count me in, I'd love to win these treats. AND congrats to making the DT team. Good luck!Of for the storage of your stamps, have you got a local hardware store? I got a brilliant plastic storage box with little thin drawers that I store my stamps in. And it was only £8, about $5 I think..I always go to the hardware store, they have the most amazing stuff! Have a good week.

Pam's Pride said...

Awesome blog candy!! I store my stamps in a three ring binder with hard plastic sheets for unmounted stamps.

Jean Peters said...

Wow this is fabulous blog candy, I would so love to be the winner of this - my gosh the Martha Stewart Punch.....
I like most others store my stamps in CD cases, However I have seen clear A4 paper storage cases and these could hold a few at a time.
Loving your blog too by the way.

Alison said...

Amazing candy Lim and very generous too. I don't have alot on maganolias I'm ashamed to say but the ones I do have I keep in a plain white box stored on lamenated sheets. I've been meaning to pimp up the box for ages, might just do it know. Thanks for chance of winning candy post on my blog and link on side too.

Beth said...

Oooh, this is such a lovely prize! I can't be of much help though, I have the worst craft space known to man and my stamps are all in a draw!! I like the CD case idea though! I've left you a link here! Thanks for the opportunity! xx

Saz said...

Fantastic candy on offer lim i will leave a comment on my blog Sara x

Janet said...

great blog candy! I store my stamps in SU containers...they are the punch box tins! Works great so far!!

Mel said...

Fab candy Lim thanks for the chance, sorry i can`t help with storage as i`m still looing for a good way to store them too.
so i`m checking out the replies too lol:)
Have put a link on my blog.

AnnS said...

Hi Lim,
Your blog candy is wonderful. I'm just setting up a blog, so forgive me for not being able to post your ofer right now.
I just started collecting Magnolia's so I too need advice on how to store them. I'll continue looking at your blog to get ideas. Thanks, Ann

Louise said...

Hi Lim,
The candy looks great, thanks so much!
I don't have many clear stamps - most of mine are rubber- and I store them in a set of drawers that I got in the sale at WH Smith (£2.49 I think)
Sorry I cant be of anymore help,
Louise xx

Suzanne said...

Wow!! What fantastic candy.
The way I store my unmounted stamps is I stamp them on to A4 paper and either laminate the paper or put it in a clear plastic wallet and stick the stamp on it. These are then stored in a ring binder.
I have put a link on my blog.
Thanks for my chance to win.
Hugs Sue x

Donalda said...

First Congrats on your DT how awesome !!!! So happy for you dear.
Second the storage system. I do like you do dear and store mine in CD cases but then the bigger ones in the sheets in regular notebooks and I have to say I have had to hunt down a few that had fallen out. Thanks for a chance in your gorgeous blog candy and do love checking your blog out dear

bumblebee creations said...

Wow-what an awesome array of images you are offering!! How exciting, and the punch is wonderful too!! I have put your link on my blog and am thankful for your chance to win these items. As, far as the storage- I am brand new into card making and haven't many stamps yet-but the e-z storage is what I was going to suggest-but you have already got that covered.... Thanks! : ) smiles

Lee said...

Okay, I'm linking you up!! What amazing candy!!! Well, so far I have also used bland cd cases, but I'm looking for some other ideas too!! LOL

Carol said...



A file is how I store my stamps

Bubbles said...

Hi Lim, what gorgeous, scrummy blog candy you are offering.
I could help you with your storage solutions of your many Magnolia stamps, send them to me I'll look after them Lol.!!!!
Sorry not having a very big collection of stamps myself I can't help, I mount all of mine onto blocks and just keep mine in a couple of big shoe boxes!
Now off to add a link on my blog.
Joanne x

Asksvart said...

Nice things you have there.

Lisa said...

Hi, Sorry can't help with stamp storage as don't have that many stamps at the moment. Your blog candy is lovely and I have left a comment on my blog linking back to you.

Karin said...

Hi Lim,

what a great candy.
I made a link on the right side of my blog.

xoxo karin

Monika said...

Hi Lim, what a wonderful Blog Candy.
Hope I had a little chance to win.
Have linked this on my blog.
My storage for these stamps are clear plastic DVD sampler.Thats works fine because they are bigger than the CD Sampler.
Hugs Monika

idaws said...

What a wonderful blog candy :D I really want this one. :)I have linked you on my blog :)

Eve said...

Ohh thank you soo much,i have added you to my blog candy list
Many Thanks

Jean said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win some blog candy!
I have added you to my blog

stuffie said...

wow. How cool is this candy?? Thanks for the opportunity.
I am having trouble hyper-linking, but... you're still there!!!

Apple Valley said...

Wow, what fab blog candy, you are so generous. I am only a beginner so only have 3 stamps so can't really help on the storage front i'm afraid.

Dana said...

Just popping over to say HI!!!! Good luck with the blog candy! :) Drop me a line some time Take care!!

Holly Young said...

Hi Lim! Oh, I'd love to win this blog candy! I'm a Magnolia image fanatic and don't own a one yet! LOL! My storage solution is one drawer for each category of image I have; like people, animals, scenery etc. So the cute magnolia kids would go in People and the trees would go in scenery. Doesn't work if you like to keep them separated by company though.

Maria Matter said...

What generous candy! You have a lovely blog!

Storage, not a problem, I don't own any yet. Would love to win some images!
I gave you a shout on my blog and listed you in my Candy blogroll!
Blessings, Maria

Maria Matter said...

whoops, I forgot to leave my link:
Lim's Candy
Blessings, Maria

Timetostamp said...

Wow - wonderful candy! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's responses for storage tips. I've just started storing my stamps in CD cases. I have so many to go through :) I'll make sure to put a link on my blog!
Heather x

Gina Wrona said...

Wow, how awesome is that candy? Thank you, thank you for the chance to play!

I don't have any stamps like that to suggest storage ideas, but I have found a lot of great stuff at Michaels & Joann Fabrics.

Gina Wrona

P.S. Sorry, but I don't have a blog to post your link. I would if I could.

Lindsay said...

I cant help you with storage solutions, I keep the few stamps that I have in a shoe box that just happened to be lying around the house.
Thanks for the chance to win this awsome blog candy!

Laura said...

congrstulszioni per il tuo blog candy
Un abbraccio coloratissimo


eba said...

Oh, my word, this is an awsome blogcandy! As far as the storage is concerned, I am afraid I have no great idèas, I keep my UM stamps on laminated paper in a binder. (Of course to have a zipper thingy around the binder could sove the "loose-a-small-stamp" problem.)

Love your work!

Ginny said...

I'm always popping in to have a look at your wonderful cards so I have added a post on my blog to let everyone know about your FANTASTIC candy.

I only wish I had the same problem - we can't get Magnolia's here in Austtralia, boo but I'll tell you how I store my UM stamps. I have them in page protectors in a 3 ring binder. I stamp the image onto a piece of plain paper insert that into the protector and I use double-sided adhesive to stick my stamps onto a sheet of clear acetate which i put in the page protector. All my stamps are protected and so easy to see and find.

hope you come up with a good storage system for all your gorgeous stamps...


Suzanne said...

Nice blog candy Lim! You have some really great cards on here too.

For unmounted if you like cd cases then you might light the Super Jewel Box King DVD Case from Sleeve City.

Go to this link & scroll down a little.

Sarah Elliott said...

Wow, what super awesome blog candy. I use a binder with sports card holders (from the dollar store!) Each sheet holds nine. super awesome.

jhet said...

Hi Lim,

Thanks for offering this fab blog candy. Will link this to my blog, definitely.

Have a blessed day!

MarkerGeek said...

Hey Lim,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

I have quite the collection of Magnolia stamps too (even after selling some...). I store mine in the black EZ Mount storage folders, which works quite well, even for the tiny accessory stamps. They stick really well to the folder.

Unknown said...

Du hast einen wunderschönen Blog und ein superschönes Blog-Candy.

K said...

Hi, Lim, what a fab candy. Can't help with your problem as I only discovered Magnolia :) But I linked to your blog candy here:
Bye, Kitty

Sharon said...

Fabulous candy I have my fingers crossed and I have linked you on my blog. Here is how I store my Magnolias (it's shown on this link on my blog)

tyrymom29 said...

what fabulous CANDY!!!!!!!! i HAVE A FEW MAGNOLIA;S MAYBE 5 OR 6 But they are soo CUTE!!!

Sharri C said...

I store my stamps in CD cases in baskets.I find them easy to flip through and find what I want. I have more than 100 cd cases and more to go yet. I don't have a blog yet but love to visit everyone elses.Sharri

Jackie said...

I dont have enough Magnolias to worry about storage.. lol (sob).
so cant help on that one sorry.
fab blog candy hun... off to do a mention (would say link, but not sussed that yet) lol.. so more copy and paste Xx

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