Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Hi everyone,

Well, I don't have a card to show yet, but I have instead a few pictures.
As many of you know I live in Miami (Florida), where there us one season a year...
summer, summer and summer!!! So it's easy to enjoy the beach the whole year long.

I do not live far from Miami Beach, so now that I'm not working I try to enjoy the beach at least 3 or 4 days per week. Today I went with my mom and we had a really good time.

First of all, we looked like we own the beach. It was completely empty for hours and later on, when people started arriving was really funny. The water was crystal clear and warm. Hope you can see through the pictures how beautiful day was.

I got the silly idea of taking bread for the seagulls and look what happened!!!
For a moment I thought they were gonna eat us!!! LOL. They were flying from everywhere. I never had so many seagulls by my side like today. :))

I hope everybody is having a great day and please don't forget my Candy Blog because I will ship worldwide. Good luck to everybody and thank you so much for all the tips that I'm receiving about the storage solutions.
I will be back soon with some cards.


Lim :))


Summer... said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day spent at the beach Lim! I didn't know you were a photographer too, LOL! Really excellent job! And thank goodness you didn't get eaten by those hungry seagulls! Surely you did not have enough bread to feed all of those mouths?! What a great day! = )

Michelle said...

Wow~~~ amazing pictures, Lim ~~ thanks so much for sharing!! Here in Wisconsin we have 2 seasons ~ winter & construction, lol!! I was born in Florida, not sure how I ended up here but it must be so nice to enjoy these beautiful days all year round!

Tammi said...

Ohhh I love beach pictures, your so lucky to live close by! We went to the Oregon coast this summer and did the same thing with the birds, ACK, we never had so many friends, lol! TFS your beautiful pictures. Hugs, Tammi

Rach said...

beautiful pictures lim. looks like you had a fantastic wonder you like to get down there three times a week. pure bliss. hugs rachxx

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Oh Lim.. i'm turning green.. Wishing I was in Florida :-( Only another 371 days to go! Your pictures are beautiful. It's getting quite cold here in the UK now and chilly in the morning taking the kiddies to school. Have a great weekend my dear. Hugs, Nikki x

Arantxa Bello said...

Por las fotografias se ve que debiste de pasar un dia agradable con tu mama en la playa. Me alegro.

Kristine said...

Wow Lim!
I miss summer SO much!
Beautiful pictures from a beautiful beach!
I might stop by to visit next summer for a swim;)

Unknown said...

What lovely pictures Lim!
A tad different from the beach I just came back from. The weather here is usually..Autumn, Autumn and yep...Winter!! LOL
Viv xx

Dawn said...

Oh my God! Lim it looks like paradise, what an amazing beach to have right on your doorstep, enjoy every minute!
Unfortunately I live beside a beach but can't see it for the wind and rain!!! LOL

Heaps of Hugs

Anki said...

Looks wonderful! Also - did you see that you are one of the lucky girls on my blog candy ;-))
Kram - Anki

Aija said...

I really enjoyed looking your great pictures here, and dreamed... Here in Finland it is about 10 degrees and leaves are falling off... getting colder and we could even have first snow during this month...
Lim, have a good start for the coming week!

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, Lim what wonderful Pictures from the beach.....I love the Sea and Sand so much, thanks for this great pictures...


Nixe-Moni said...

Wooow Lim, what great pictures!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Looks like you have a great day at the beach ... I´m a little freezing cat ;) and I wish I could be there ...
Big Hugs

Trina said...

Your pictures are wonderful Lim!! I think I should print them off, so when I am sitting here and it is 50 below celcius, I can look at your pictures and feel warm!! You are such a lucky girl...maybe one day you will have to travel here for some good old fashioned snow!! Hope you had a great weekend!
Your friend,

Hanne said...

Oh my oh my - how kind of you to show us these pictures while we have rain and storm and 7'Celcius, thank you sooo much :/ *hahaha*

Beautiful pictures of the beach, would really like to be there with you... But would you please get rid of all the seagulls by then? I just HATE seagulls *hahaha*

Hugs & love, Hanne:)

Dana said...

You're not working any more?? Congrats!!! :)