Monday, October 27, 2008

My Computer crash... :(

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry that I didn't visit your blogs lately but my computer crashed a few days ago. I will receive a new one next Wednesday so I will be able to respond all the emails that I'm sure I have ( when I checked last week I had 65).

I'm using now my neighbor's computer but I don't like bothering anyone, so I will have to wait for next week to show you guys my last 2 cards for " A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge Blog" and also to respond your emails.

Thank you for all your emails, for your patience and for all your comments about my cards .I will visit each one of you as soon as I get my new computer next week.

I miss you guys like you don't have idea.

Big Hugs to everyone,

Lim :)


Rosette said...

Oh thank God you're alright!! I was getting really worried... knowing that usually you don't stay long before you're posting some of your wonderfil cards (and obviously that shows us that you're "ok" :) Thanks for putting our mind at rest. Hope you'll be sorted soon ;) Take care.xx

Anki said...

I am so happy to read that you are OK and that it's only your computer that crashed! I was really worried. Don't stress and we will be waiting for your creations as soon as you have a new computer running again! Kram - Anki

Heidi said...

I am also happy that it is just the computer and that everything is ok with you.
Cant wait to see what you have created again.

Hugs from

Ila said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes...I hope it gets worked out soon...Hugs, Ila

Rach said...

Hi Lim,
look forward to seeing your creations when you get your new computer...hugs rachxx

Trina said...

Wondered where you had gone....thought maybe for a little holiday, like you deserve!! Hope you get a new computer soon, cause I miss talking to you and seeing all of your wonderful creations!!

Tammi said...

Oh Lim sorry about your computer, I've been wondering where you've been...glad your ok! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations. Hugs, Tammi

Summer... said...

Well THAT'S where you were...dealing with a naughty computer! I know how that feels! I'm so glad to know that you've been alright...take care, and we'll look forward to hearing from you next week! Hugs, Summer = )

Dawn said...

Aww Lim - Computers can be a nightmare and when we are without them if feels like we've lost a body part!!
Come back to us soooon!!


MichelleO said...

I was worried... glad to know it is your computer and not something wrong with you! You have been missed... and looking forward to your return with "new life"!

Camilla said...

Glad you are all right!!:) Wondered why you weren't here! I've missed you<3
Take care, and see you when you are back on the net!!
Big hugs my friend,

Deb Wood said...

Oh I was so worried about you!! I'm so happy to hear that it's just your computer!! Love and Hugs!!

Maya said...

So sorry to hear about you`re computer!
Cross fingers you get a new one real soon :)

I have tagged you :)

Hugs from Maya.

Kirsten Aune said...

Sorry to hear about your computer, Lim. I hope you'll be back soon. I look forward to see your beautiful creations when you're back!
Take care, Lim!
Hugs, Kirsten

Monique said...

So sorry to hear about your computercrash. I always hate when that happens. Glad to hear you are doing ok. I was getting worried !!!
I hope you get some nice snail mail soon, because I've got a little surprise on it's way to you (finally !!).

Hugs Monique