Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar - Butterflies...

Hi Everyone,

Well, here comes another week to play with "A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge Blog". This week the idea is making a card including at least one butterfly.. Easy right? I love this challenge because is so open to imagination and creativity... You can use a butterfly stamp, or paper, punch or any die. I used mine in the charm and also as one of my favorite Martha Stewart punches. :))
As you can see I can't stop playing with my new Hanglars bees...I'm so in love with these new kids :)) They are so adorable don't you think?..

Stamps: "Hanglar & Stamplar" ( Maj Colection) and the sentiment is " A Muse Artstamp"
Ink: Distress re-inekrs
Papers: Bazzill and Martha Stewart Collection
Embellishments: Mesh, charm, Martha Stewart Punch ( for the butterflies), gems, brads and Ofray ribbon.




Debbie said...

This is gorgeous Lim,Love the new hanglar stamps,Hugs Debbie x

Rosette said...

I'm back!! hehe This card is Beautiful my friend, your colouring and style are always sooo fab :)

Big big hugs xx

kaylou said...

Hi Lim
wow your card is just fabulous.. love all the flower and pearl details..
hugs Kaylou xoxo

Swaantje said...

Hello Lim,
your card is fabulous!
Love your pretty image and the papers are gorgeous!
Your colouring of the image is fantastic..

Have a nice day..

Hugs from Germany ;o)

cats whiskers said...

Oh LIm this is just stunning what a truly gorgeous colour schem and lovely perfectly coloired image
Hugs Jacqui x

Viddan said...


Victoria said...

This is just stunning Lim. I found your blog via the SOS site and I adore your designs. Great work!
Hugs, Vicky -x-

Kelly Schelske said...

Gorgeous Lim!! Love the colors and the charm is perfect!!

Hugs, Kelly

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Beautiful work Lim and I love the colours and your colouring, I'll put this punch on my wish list, Love how you have added the gems for her earrings, Big Hugs sweetie, Nikki x

Julie said...

I love it. The colors are wonderful, so soft and cheery. I adore the butterflies and flowers. Beautiful as always!

Teresa said...

I love love your color choices! That butterfly punch is my fav. punch! Stunning card..as always! hugs,T

Monique said...

Wow Lim. your card is absolutely gorgious !! I love the colours, the colouring and all the cute butterfly details :)).

Hugs Monique

Heidi said...

What a stunning card Lim, I really love it. You have colored it so beautiful and the details are so great. LOVE the flowers

Hugs and love

Naoual said...

Gorgeous card! I love the bright colours you used, the papers are just beautiful and your colouring is perfect!

xx Naoual

Renee said...

Darling Lim!

Marcea said...

Hello Lim, gosh it is so long since I last visited you. I am just loving all your creations and this is a real beauty. Full of wonderful detail as always. Take care

Sheri said...

How sweet is this! That Martha Stewart punch is one of my favorites too! WOnderful card!!!

Juls said...

gorgeous card, love the colours and love all the brads pearls and little butterflies. fab!

SemSee said...

Beautiful card, Lim! Love the colours and all those cute butterflies! hugs, Sem x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous card! I love how you coloured the cute image and all the butterflies.

Kruemel said...

Georgeous card Lim! I really love your style.
Am so proud to be one of the ROP guest designers and am looking forward to know you and have a wonderful creative time together!
Kathrin aka Kruemel

Pop's Cards said...

This is really lovely, i love your colours on this one hugs Pops x

Heidi said...

Hello sunshine

Just sending you a hug. Hoping you have a wonderful summer

Hugs and love

Mel said...

A very pretty card and lovely colour combo too ~ Mel

CraftyC said...

These are all so sweet Lim, a great selection of cards!

Anonymous said...

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