Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lakewood Park...Lake Erie...

Hi Everyone,

Today my husband and I went to a park close to our apartment, and we enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day. The amount of colors were overwhelming. A lot of different white, blues, gray, browns. I love going outdoors, but today was one of the most beautiful days that I had in this city... I wish you could see in the pictures the peaceful and the beauty of Nature. The lake was almost frozen and the geese were having a party in the little water that remained unfrozen.


Dawn said...

Hi Lim

Happy New Year.
Wow those pictures are stunning just like a pictue postcard, such a change from Florida!


Anonymous said...

Wow... cold! Actually, I live pretty close to your area, I am from Vermilion! I found your blog on and I plan on visiting it frequently! You have some really cute stuff on here! Thanks for sharing!