Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Award, a coupon and 4 new Vintage cards...

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to show you 4 new vintage cards that I made this weekend. The first card is to my husband for Valentine's Day. I can't show you the inside so it will be a surprise for him :) I used a picture from the internet. In the leaves I added some Viva Decor -cream color to give it more dimension.

The second card is to my mom for Mother's Day. I know it's a bit early because in America Mother's Day takes place on the second Sunday of May, but I was in love with this little cage and bird from Tim Holtz that my dear friend Martica sent me and I had to use it right away. Thank you sweetie!
For the third card I'm using again this cute little girl picture that I bought in Etsy a few weeks ago. The papers are from the new collection "The Natural Stack" from DCWV. All flowers are from "Wild Orchid Crafts"

Yesterday I received another award from the sweet Clairebears. Thank you so much!!! You are so kind in thinking of me. :)

Part of accepting Claire award is:
1-Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2-Share 8 things about yourself.
3- Pass it on to 8 bloggers.
4-Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.
Ok, let's start....

1- I'm married with my best friend and we have a little dog which is a Lhasa Apso named "Lara"
2- When I'm making a card or anything craft-related I like watching something in my computer or TV. Is weird, but listening at or watching any movie or concert brings me inspiration...( I think I'm just addicted to the sound) LOL...
3- I love reading and writing (one of my favorite gadgets is my new Kindle).
4- Love outdoors. Anything nature-related relaxes me.
5- I feel extremely happy in ANY craft store. LOL!!!
6- I like watching movies, specially love stories and thriller/horror films...
7- My favorite companion to go shopping is my husband...LOL. Sounds weird, but he's the perfect companion to hold all my bags... I know, he's masochistic LOL
8- I love, love, love the sea....

Blogs I love to pop in and have a look at are:
1- Tammy
2- Martica
3- Anki
4- Monique
5- Marte
7- Dawn
8-Alberto (An AMAZING and TALENTED 15 years old boy from Italy)

And last but not least, for those who are close to a Michael's Stores here is a coupon that you can use until February 19th. Good Luck!

LIM :)


Monique said...

Thank you so much Lim. I love visiting your blog and am so happy to see you posting regularly :))).
I love your cards. They are gorgious and I'm sure your mom and hubby are going to love your cards too :))).
Happy Valentine's Day !!

Hugs Monique

Tammi said...

Congrats Lim, and your so sweet to pass the award on to me, thanks so much! I don't post awards on my blog, but I really appreciate the thought. ((hugs)) And WOW on all your gorgeous cards, love the vintage look and all those details are lovely! Your so creative! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! xx

Sinikka said...

You made four fantastic cards.
Like the vintage style, but never tried to make a card. Here is enough inspiration.....
Congrats to your award.
Hugs Sinikka

Marte said...

Hi Sweetheart! Thank you for leaving such lovely comments in my blog! You always make me smile :)
I'm delighted to see that you're making vintage. I love the style, and I adore your creations! They are so sweet and full of beautiful details!
Can only imagine that Oscar was happy with his card, it is so cute!
Thank you also for the award! :) Hope you are doing well, and that everything is good with you both! Would love it if you want to send me an update! Hugs, Marte

Sassy Scrapper said...

Wowza baby!!!! These cards are gorgeous. I love the one with the old fashion bike. Your attention to detail is just amazing! I always love seeing your newest creations.
Hugs Bonnie

Teresa said...

Lim, you are amazing! No matter what style of card you decide to create..they are all absolutely stunning! I'm loving your vintage cards...they are totally a hot trend right now!!
Hope you are doing well!

Julie said...

Hi Lim! It is so nice to see you actively creating again. I missed you during the move. I must say, I love your vintage style. Absolutely stunning!


hilde janbroers said...

beautiful cards!! love the vintage feeling

Kottens corner said...

Thanks Lim, I just saw that you had passed it along to me! I had no idea, I just got the same award from Cherrie and was going to pass on to you. LOL.

Hugs Jenny

Gina K said...

Wow, stunning stuff!