Saturday, April 12, 2008

Extremely Happy Day!!

Today was a extremely happy day, I swear. I received a few surprises on the mail. Check it out!!.
My dear friend Nikki sent me this beautiful card from UK. Is amazing that she started making cards just a few months ago..Check out her blog to see her creations. Also, she sent me a bunch of stamped images from High Hopes.. Nikki, you are so sweet and a great friend. THANKS..!!!

Is this was not enough, she made my day granting me another award in her blog. This is the third award she gives me.. I have to post them all.. Thank you Nikki.. You are the best !.

Aside of Nikki present, I finally received my first 2 sets of Nestabilities, they were on Back
order for months. And the good news is that I have a few more sets on the way...

In the afternoon I went to Michael's Store and they had a great sale today. Ribbons 50% off, cuttlebug accessories 50% off. Ink Pads at 40% off, etc.. (This is not a commercial, but I have to share this with you , I can't keep it for myself ).

I found this great ribbon storage. They have adjustable dividers. You can storage 18 rolls of ribbons , but if you don't use the dividers you can storage 23 rolls. Is this great or what?. :)

The price is $9.99 each. The brand is "Store in Style" and the dimensions are 14"W x 4"H x 4"D.

The name is RIBBON SPOOL STACKER. Look at the pictures. I hope you can find them because I bought 6 of them!.


Deb Wood said...

Wow, you are one spoiled Chiquita!!! I got your re-inker ready to go in the mail, but forgot to include images. I'm not sure what you like so let me know and I will surely send you some!!

Elaine said...

Oh girlie! I have these too! I think I may even have 6 also! I think we have some things in you have other ribbon in more containers too? LOL I think you should join my next ribbon share!

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

lim i went yesterday to michaels cause i wanted these ribbon holders.
i can not find them. did you get them in the crafing isle or are they somewhere else?

MarieK said...

I love these too! I have 12!!!