Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Awards.

Oh WOW!!. I'm so lucky or what?.. I received 3 different awards from my dear friend Nikki.

" You Cheer Me Up Award", " Arte Y Pico" and " Blogging with a Purpose".Thank you so much Nikki!. For those of you who haven't found her blog yet go check her out as she has fantastic cards. She's also a proud member of Silly Monkey Designer Team.

Now, I'm going to pass these 3 awards to 5 very deserving ladies...

1. My dear friend Deb who is my best blogging pal. Her cards are just so beautiful and she is such a great and sweet person. She cheer me up all the time. Thanks Deb.!
2. My new friend Dana who has such an amazing blog and makes the most amazing cards. Also Dana is an incredible person and mother. Check her blog to read her history.
3. Sophia - This lady is just so talented. Her cards are amazing and she also design her own characters for her cards too. Can you believe that?.. Check her blog you are going to be speechless.
4. Camilla. She makes so many beautiful cards and have great ideas. She's an artist.
5. Monique. Incredible talented and an amazing card making. Check her blog to see her creations. You are going to love it!.


Monique said...

Thank you Lim, that's sooooo sweet of you :).

Camilla said...

Thank you sooo much! My first award...:) I'm so happy for your kind words. YOU make my day!! Have a wonderful Sunday:) Lots of hugs! Camilla

Camilla said...

WOW!! All 3 awards?! Thats tooo much Lim! Ok, my first three awards;)Thank you. You self have a wonderful blog and gives us a peak of beautiful and stunning scenes. And like me, you love Magnolia;)